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Nicely detailed post.  I am curious how you calculated/derived “Net Credit Sales”?  It looks like you used the “Total Net Revenues” (as did quite a few others).  Is this correct?  I used the “Total Net Sales” found in Table 16 of the 10-K. I am wondering if either number is correct?  I found this: https://goo.gl/qEFdZ2 on how to calculate “Credit Sales” using AR but I also found some other conflicting information.
Net revenues
2015: $3,963,313
2014: $3,084,370
2013: $2,332,051
I used “Total net sales” taken directly from the 10-K
2015: $3,825,691
2014: $2,997,932
2013: $2,277,073
“Credit sales” calculated using the following formula:  (net revenue – AR at begging of period + AR at end of period)
2015: $4,117,116
2014: $3,154,253
2013: $2,366,479