MGT5156 – Host-Based Security
Credit Hours: 3
Examines security from the system user’s point of view. Provides an overview of computer application development (programming languages, compilers, development, distribution, software engineering). Also includes operating systems, databases, virtualization and Web applications. Requires no prior programming knowledge.
Prerequisite: MGT 5114



  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 8 (6/24/2018) - Essay Assignment You are the CISO of a large company. Using your own machine as an example, tell me how
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 7 (6/13/2018) - Discussion Post Desktop Virtualization Discuss whether desktop virtualization is a panacea. No, virtualization (desktop or server) is not a panacea.
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 6 (6/6/2018) - Discussion Post Discuss how testing of ani-malware should be conducted. The only absolute rule seems to be, don't conduct anti-malware
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 5 (5/29/2018) - Discussion Post Wow, week five already! The long weekend helped me get caught up and break the cycle I've been
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 4 (5/25/2018) - Discussion Post Discuss ROP and code injection. Late yet again, probably later than I needed to be, but like Dr.
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 3 (5/19/2018) - Discussion Post Discuss open source vs. closed source and security. Another ridiculous week leads to another late discussion post, feeling
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 2 (5/10/2018) - Discussion Post Discuss how an attacker looks at the system. Sorry for the late post, having too much fun at
  • FIT – MGT5156 – Week 1 (5/2/2018) - Discussion Post What are the implications of Shannon’s work on security? Claude E. Shannon is referred to as the founder of