Florida Institute of Technology

MSIT, Cybersecurity Curriculum

Curriculum and Progress

Core and Major IT Courses

[X] Financial Accounting (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Corporate Finance (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
*Prerequisite: MGT 5000
[X] Organizational Behavior (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Information Systems (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Project Management for Information Technology (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Introduction to Information Security Management (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Global Information Technology Management (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Advanced Management of Information Systems (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
*Capstone course Prerequisite: MGT 5014

Directed Elective Courses

[X] Security in Enterprise (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Host-Based Security (COMPLETED – Grade: A)
[X] Secure Networks and Communication (COMPLETED – Grade: A)

Note:  Detailed course transcripts published for each course.  View individual course transcript via hyperlink for each completed class.

Unofficial Transcripts