Discussion Question: Bruce’s website development project is nearing an end, and upper management must decide what to do with the resources associated with the project. Bruce’s team met all schedule and expenditure goals, but the product they produced (a video-swapping online destination) has underperformed in terms of ad revenue and visitors. Which form of termination would you recommend upper management consider for Bruce’s project? (p. 420 Project Management Textbook)

Based on the project termination types defined in the text, I believe the best form of termination for this project would be “project extinction”
(Portny, 2008, p. 414).

I believe “project extinction” is the proper form project termination because the website development project is nearing the end (suddenly stopping), and while it met schedule and budget goals the project has a high probability of failure due to revenue and site traffic underperformance. At the termination of the project, there will be resources to be reassigned; there may also be intellectual property and other assets that may have reuse.


Portny, Stanley E. (2008). Wiley Pathways Project Management, 1st Edition. Wiley Higher Ed. Kindle Edition.



In the video for this week, a risk and mitigation plan was discussed.  Develop a partial risk and mitigation plan for three different risks that could be affiliated with a construction project to add a new facility on a college campus.  The partial risk and mitigation plan need to include the rank, title, risk description, probability of occurrence, impact if it occurs, and the earliest/latest the risk impact could occur.  The other sections of the risk and mitigation plan are not necessary for this assignment.

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Week 8 Exam (#4):  80%

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